Ultimate Startup Landing Page Theme for Drupal

Appal is a super-sleek multipurpose business theme for Drupal 8. It's been built specifically for startups and technology-related businesses and includes over 12 pre-built landing page designs. Based on Bootstrap 4, this stunning Drupal theme is sure to impress regardless of device.

Introducing Appal

Built on the latest web frameworks including Drupal 8 and Bootstrap 4, Appal is the ultimate business theme for your Drupal site. Appal utilizes Drupal's new core Layout Builder module to deliver high-performance and optimal flexibility, allowing you to showcase your content in style.

Build Pages in Minutes

We've crafted Appal with the utmost care. Built on the latest version of Drupal 8, the theme is 100% compatible with the versatile new Layout Builder module, making content creation a breeze. Create modular pages on-the-fly with an intuitive drag & drop interface in native Drupal.

Landing Page Ready

For the first time, you can build high-quality long-form landing pages directly in Drupal 8. Take advantage of Appal's 12+ pre-built landing page layouts, which are customizable in a matter of moments using Cocoon's powerful enhancements to the Drupal core Layout Builder module.

Optimal Customizability

Appal ships with an array of per-page customization options, allowing you to dictate the display and element composition of each and every page. There's never been a better solution for long-form landing pages in Drupal. What's more, you can customize pages in minutes with Layout Builder.

Performance First

We've developed Appal for high-caliber Drupal projects, where performance is key. Appal's fast loading times and superior performance are down to its utilization of the most modern web frameworks and front-end technologies, as well as our clean and reusable coding style (Drupal standards-ready).

  • Appal is a multipurpose business Drupal theme, based on Bootstrap 4 and powered by Drupal core’s new Layout Builder module. The theme’s responsive design and looks stunning on all types of devices, and is perfect for any startup.
  • Appal provides an array of design styles including specific styling for modern, classic, creative & clean landing pages. The UI and UX has been specifically tailored and is customizable per-page, using our innovative Layout Builder enhancements.
  • The theme can be used to power any kind of digital business, and we’ve built it with startups, digital agencies, marketing firms, IT houses and technology businesses in mind.
  • Appal Drupal has been tested with all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+, and more. It's certified cross-browser compatible, and performs equally well on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Appal’s extendable codebase, coupled with clean and well-formatted template files, makes for a customization experience any developer will enjoy. And for site builders, the Drupal Layout Builder provides the ultimate efficient page-building layout.
  • Drag and drop blocks, elements, and custom content in a free-flowing responsive grid, and preview your changes before you even save them. Create modular content on-the-fly, or re-use existing blocks and elements to build pages in mere minutes.
  • Our innovative enhancements that reside in the theme’s code allow for per-page customization that would normally only be available on a site-wide basis. Customize header settings, side navigation & more on a per-page basis with Layout Builder support.
  • Appal’s Drupal theme package includes the Bootstrap 4 libraries and is additionally powered by HTML5 markup, CSS3 and jQuery. We’ve also included SCSS files for particularly tech-savvy users. Plain CSS is also available by default.
  • Homepage style 1: Mobile App Landing Creative
  • Homepage style 2: Mobile App Landing Elegant
  • Homepage style 3: Mobile App Landing Exclusive
  • Homepage style 4: Mobile App Landing Modern
  • Homepage style 5: Mobile App Landing Classic
  • Homepage style 6: Mobile App Landing Minimal
  • Homepage style 7: SaaS Landing Creative
  • Homepage style 8: SaaS Landing Elegant
  • Homepage style 9: SaaS Landing Exclusive
  • Homepage style 10: SaaS Landing Modern
  • Features: App Landing Creative
  • Features: SaaS Landing Creative
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Compatible with:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Layout Builder
  • PHP 7
  • Drupal 8.7+

Appal ships with a Demo Installation package, which enables you to get up and running in no time. Alternatively, the standalone theme, all required modules, and manual import instructions are available in the included documentation file.

Appal ships with full support for Drupal Layout Builder, so you can create stunning pages and attractive layouts in no time. The point-and-click Theme Settings panel enables you to make changes to the basic functionality and layout, and the template files are structured and well-written.

Cocoon offers premier support 7 days a week for as long as you need it. We'll support you through theme setup and do our best to help you make the most of Appal.

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Launch your Startup with Appal for Drupal 8

Appal's immersive long-form landing pages are the perfect tool to promote your digital business in 2019. Harnessing the power of the Drupal core Layout Builder module, Appal is the ultimate asset for your next demanding Drupal project.

5 star support