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Tripin is an incredible new travel agency and tourism theme for Drupal. Sporting over 28 pre-built layouts, Tripin’s forward-thinking design harnesses the power and flexibility of Drupal Layout Builder to deliver stunning visuals that will excite your online audience.

Introducing Tripin

The theme’s dynamic page layouts allow for numerous means of content display, allowing you to showcase your most popular travel destinations attractively on all devices. Tripin is super-responsive, delivering a rich mobile experience that’s as dynamic as desktop — perfect for Drupal sites with a widely-varied device demographic.

Stunning Visuals

Tripin's gorgeous full-width visuals provide an immersive and engaging experience for your users, regardless of device. Fully responsive and retina-ready, Tripin is compatible with the latest version of Drupal 8, and is the ultimate asset for your next demanding Drupal project.

Layout Builder

Tripin ships with enhanced support for Drupal 8's native Layout Builder module, making it easier than ever to manage your website's content. Create stunning and dynamic pages in minutes with Tripin's enhanced Drupal Layout Builder support. Content management has never felt so good.

Rich Functionality

Our most complex travel theme yet, Tripin is packed with rich, dynamic functionality for all use-cases. The theme's extended feature availability is prevalent on both the front and back-end, offering an array of complex tools that engage both your viewers and your site builders.

Built for Speed

Website performance has never been so crucial than on today’s modern web. That’s why Tripin has been built performance-first from the ground up, utilizing lean front-end technologies and only the very best in Drupal coding standards.

  • Bold Visuals — Tripin's bold visuals are designed to impress on any device. The theme is ultra-responsive and retina ready, promising to deliver superb aesthetics regardless of browser or screen size. Showcase your travel destinations in style with Tripin.
  • Professional Layout — The theme's gorgeous fluid full-width layout provides near-infinite options for the creative display of your content. Engage users and excite your audience with Tripin's stunning responsive layout, which is clean, pretty, and professional.
  • Sleek Modals — All-custom slide out modals elevate the form submission experience and interactivity of your travel site with full responsive support for all devices. Tripin includes custom AJAX form overlays for webforms, booking, and user authentication.
  • Trip Favorites — The theme's intuitive favoriting and bookmarking capabilities allow your users to save and revisit their most desired tours in a breeze. With integration provided by the Drupal Flag module, AJAX bookmarking tools are present throughout.
  • Booking forms — Tripin's modern booking forms are sophisticated and sleek. With custom date popups for checkin and checkout, destination selection, and number-of-persons, your visitors can easily refine your trips and tours in a matter of simple clicks.
  • Webforms — Tripin includes a fully-functional booking form so that your customers can arrange their trips well in advance. The theme combines the use of the Views and Webform modules to provide a sophisticated level of user-centric search & submission.
  • Layout Builder — The theme utilizes the powerful Layout Builder module, now included in Drupal 8 core, with enhanced functionality included. Create modular pages on-the-fly in a matter of minutes, or customize one of the many preexisting layouts in Tripin.
  • Bookmarking — Favorites are available for both your guests & registered users. Tripin features fully-functional user-centric bookmarking capabilities, so your users can save their favorite destinations and easily access their private list later, from any device.
  • Rating & Reviews — Tripin sports an all-inclusive integrated rating system, which has been incorporated to boost your on-site engagement. Users can upload their favorite photos directly within their reviews, which include native Drupal AJAX support.
  • Custom AJAX — This powerful holiday booking theme features all-custom AJAX webforms with the presence of an intuitive AJAX overlay modal upon submission success. Provide your users with powerful responsive booking and submission experiences with Tripin.
  • Drag & Drop — Tripin includes over 28 custom-built pages, hand-crafted using the powerful Drupal Layout Builder (core) module, with limitless capabilities. Select your favorite layouts and rearrange them with the endless custom blocks and paragraph types.
  • Stunning Travel Theme — Tripin’s front-end user experience provides an experience that is truly one of a kind. We proudly present you the ultimate digital asset for your next Drupal-based travel and tourism project. Your Drupal site will look and perform like no other!
  • Custom Stories — The theme includes an all-custom Stories implementation, allowing you to showcase trip highlights with ease. Present powerful imagery of your most-visited destinations in an attractive full-screen story slider, which is compatible with all devices.
  • Image Galleries — Tripin's feature-rich galleries provide the perfect means to display conversion-worthy photographs of go-to tours and trips, in a dynamic and responsive layout. Up-sell trips from the same page, and provide bookmarking capabilities too.
  • Rich Blog — Including an all-custom Blog, Tripin provides numerous options for creative display of your written articles and content. Furthermore, we've included category and archiving capabilities, driven by the power of Views and native Drupal.
  • Homepage — Tripin features a stunning fluid-width homepage, comprised of dynamic scrolling elements to elegantly highlight your freshest content. Drag-and-drop blocks using the powerful Layout Builder module, and choose which content to feature first.
  • Travel List Pages — The theme includes four uniquely-tailored Travel List pages, allowing you to list your hottest tours and destinations neatly and attractively. Tripin encourages early engagement by providing bookmarking capabilities directly from Travel List pages.
  • Tour Pages — Tripin's stunning single tour pages are the perfect place to showcase your trip and all it includes. The single tour page has been designed to convert users with its sophisticated, engaging layout and dynamic collapsible elements.
  • Story Pages — Story pages provide a unique opportunity for displaying visual content in a scrollable book format, with intuitive image-based tiles and dynamic background hues. What's more, Stories are fully responsive and ready for any device.
  • Galleries — Galleries provide a strong platform for showcasing photos from your agency's most-popular destinations. Engage users in an interactive lightbox image gallery, with on-page calls-to-action with the purpose of up-selling trips!
  • Blog Pages — Tripin's powerful blog pages are your first port-of-call for publishing written content to your travel agency Drupal site. Choose from various blog listing layouts, including category and title filtering, and feature-rich single post pages.
  • Contacts — The theme's sleek contact page serves as your audiences' primary destination for outreach and connectivity with your brand. Tripin sports a layered Google Map, rich contact options, and a sleek AJAX modal webform, powered by the Webform module.
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Compatible with:

  • Layout Builder
  • PHP 7
  • Drupal 8.7+

Tripin ships with a Demo Installation package, which enables you to get up and running in no time. Alternatively, the standalone theme, all required modules, and manual import instructions are available in the included documentation file.

Tripin ships with full support for Drupal Layout Builder, so you can create stunning pages and attractive layouts in no time. The point-and-click Theme Settings panel enables you to make changes to the basic functionality and layout, and the template files are structured and well-written.

Cocoon offers premier support 7 days a week for as long as you need it. We'll support you through theme setup and do our best to help you make the most of Tripin.

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Sell Dreams with Tripin

From its modern visuals to its sleek integrated functionality, Tripin really is as impressive as it looks. This premium travel and tourism theme for Drupal 8 promises to elevate your content and engage your audience, boasting rich and highly-dynamic digital experiences.

5 star support