Restaurant and Catering Joomla Template

Berghoef is a contemporary restaurant and catering Joomla template, perfect for any business with food and drink on the menu. Promote your top-rated cuisine in style with Berghoef's attractive visual layout.

Introducing Berghoef

Built with restaurants and catering companies in mind, Berghoef is the perfect choice for your next Joomla project. The template's use of high-quality, retina-ready responsive layouts brings your menu to life, and promises to inspire your audience regardless of their browsing device.

Stunning Modern Design

Berghoef's impressive full-width layout brings an element of sophistication to your restaurant site. The template's refreshingly clean design is both contemporary and incredibly easy on the eye. Impress audiences with Berghoef's superb design, fit for today's modern browsing habits.

Page Builder. Sorted.

The template makes use of SP Page Builder — a modern, flexible layout builder for Joomla. The page builder allows the rapid creation of engaging, modular layouts that can be created on-the-fly. And as if that wasn't enough, no technical knowledge is necessary to operate the template's page builder. At all!

Responsive & Retina Ready

High-performance websites are a necessity in today's modern web world. That's why Berghoef is compatible with all major modern browsers, with a highly-responsive layout that neatly adapts to your audience's viewport, regardless of their device. Whatsmore, the template's superb support for HD retina imagery promises impressive visuals.

Flexible & Versatile

With its nifty, efficient drag-and-drop functionality, we're proud to promote Berghoef's incredible flexibility in terms of layout and visual display. Furthermore, the template's contemporary design elements make for a variety of use cases — fit for restaurants, cafes, eateries, bars, and more!

  • Berghoef is a gorgeous single-page restaurant and catering template for Joomla. It's the perfect choice for any establishment that has food or drink on the menu!
  • The template's clean layout is due in part to its intuitive use of modern typography and the implementation of crisp visual elements that serve to support its design.
  • A stunning full-page hero section remains visible behind the page's main content at all times, boasting a contemporary layout for all types of browsing devices.
  • The full-width parallax hero section is present on all pages of the template, including inner blog posts where it acts as a full-screen responsive image slider.
  • Entice viewers with Berghoef's native support for high-quality retina-ready imagery. The template includes powerful HD-optimized jQuery libraries to support HD devices.
  • Berghoef's responsive tabbed menu sections are the perfect place to list your food and drink offerings, boasting a clean layout and mobile support.
  • The template includes native support for FontAwesome icons, so that you can better communicate actions with your online audience.
  • We care about your website's security. That's why Berghoef has been built on the latest version of Joomla, in order to secure your site's longevity and future compatibility.
  • Berghoef has been developed on the powerful Helix framework and thus takes advantage of the latest in modern coding standards and extended functionality.
  • The template includes support for SP Page Builder, a much-loved drag-and-drop Page Builder for Joomla. Berghoef includes all-custom add-ons and elements with Page Builder support.
  • Berghoef includes powerful template overrides that reside in its very own dedicated template folder. The result is a highly extended Joomla front-end with more power and feature availability.
  • The template's super-clean code has been written in alignment with Joomla best-practice guidelines and generalized web standards. Rest assured with peace of mind and customize at ease.
  • For advanced customization of the template and its feature-set, modification is a breeze given Berghoef's clean code structure and backend architecture. You'll have a great experience.
  • Berghoef's contemporary one-page layout utilizes powerful jQuery libraries that are at the forefront of modern front-end standards and boast extensive support and compatibility.
  • Berghoef's stunning (and responsive) parallax hero sections are full-width and full-screen. They're visible behind the entire page, alongside the rich content display.
  • A well-built About section allows you to showcase and communicate your establishment's key details at the very beginning of their interaction with your Joomla site.
  • Include a summary of your TripAdvisor status and overall review with Berghoef's built-in support. Stand out from the crowd and entice prospective customers with Berghoef.
  • The template's powerful multi-menu sections allow you to list all your offerings comprehensively. Additionally, display prices, calorie values, alcohol percentages and more.
  • A dedicated section for the full download of your menus is supported in Berghoef. Customers are able to download your entire menu with a single on-page click.
  • Berghoef's dedicated blog is attractive and feature-rich. Articles feature a variety of all-custom fields so that you can include powerful elements within blog posts like a pro.
  • The template's gallery slider allows you to showcase your establishment's best photographs in a visually attractive way. The gallery is responsive and retina-ready.
  • Berghoef's clean contact section is the perfect place for all your business details. The slick AJAX contact form allows visitors to reach out easily, no page refresh required.
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Compatible with:

  • Bootstrap 3.x
  • Joomla 3.9+
  • PHP 7
  • Helix3 Framework
  • SP Page Builder

Berghoef ships with a Joomla! Demo Installation package, which enables you to get up and running in no time. Alternatively, the standalone theme and manual installation instructions are available in the included documentation file.

The theme has been developed so that you will find customization a breeze. The point-and-click Site Settings, Components and Page Builder enable you to make changes to the functionality and layout, and the template files are structured and well-written.

Cocoon offers premier support 7 days a week for as long as you need it. We'll support you through theme setup and do our best to help you make the most of Berghoef.

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Bring your menu to life with Berghoef

With its sleek one-page design and unique full-width layout, Berghoef promises to entice your audience regardless of their browsing device. Build stunning restaurant and catering sites with this premium retail template for Joomla.

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